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Ripple Yoga Wear

Ripple garments are designed to maximize your movement and comfort. Their straightforward collection is made with the utmost attention to detail with the highest quality sustainable fabrics. All pieces are tested with Yoga and Pilates instructors to ensure most enjoyable experience.
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Progress not Perfection

Here at ActiveThreads our goal is to work with brands who have a higher purpose than just selling products. Every brand we carry meets a bigger criteria, whether they are made in the USA, Women Owned, or Sustainably Made. We hope you find fashionable product you can feel good about purchasing!

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Our Mission

Women like us identify as a lot of things when it comes to being outdoorsy, or being into health and wellness. Mostly, we’ve found that we don’t want to have to be either / or. … It’s more of an and.
At the same time we did not feel there was a lot of freedom to be at the level of experience we wanted – not everyone wants to be rad or ripped in our shared opinion. What if you just wanted to get out and relax on a trail with friends and family? What if you loved getting out on a trail AND being an active studio-goer? Yes and yes, and we encourage you to be exactly who you are in our community. That’s why we’ve built it.
We’re committed to being the best hosts to you, our community of women who love being outdoors and enjoying health and wellness in their own way, in their own time. We know you care about finding just the right gear and apparel to spend your precious downtime in. We also know you care about the impact of the products you invest in, and the integrity of the brands who make that product.
We also know you don’t have a lot of time to research or shop for just the right products either, even though you’d like to. That’s why we’re creating an ongoing assortment of responsible, ethical brands that make fashionable and highly functional apparel, gear and accessories. It’s our labor of love. Our promise is to deliver that to you, with transparency, every week at Active Threads.
Welcome to Active Threads – please consider this your new community of active women on a mission to be outdoors pursuing a passion for health and wellness.